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Fast Circuits Corporate Headquarters

Fast Circuits Corporate Headquarters
8880 Cal Center Drive Suite 400
Sacramento, CA 95826 United States
Phone: 1-888-868-2272

Sacramento-based electronic contract manufacturing (ECM) services provider Fast Circuits Inc, has been providing high-quality PCB manufacturing and fabrication services to U.S. and Canadian clients since 2009. Our manufacturing facility is based in China to obtain for our customers premium quality and narrow tolerance PCBs at the lowest prices.

The mission of Fast Circuits Inc. is to offer its clients high value, premium and guaranteed quality production services with the lowest rates and the fastest turnaround time in the competitive marketplace. We employ a deeply experience staff of engineer and technical support teams who verify the PCB orders are built to the client's specifications. Our production facilities are ISO 9001:2008 certified. Our manufacturing processes comply with IPC-A-600F Class 2 specifications and requirements. For more information, please call us.

Our manufacturing facilities give us the capability of producing PCBs such as FR4, High Temp FR4, Rogers High Freq, Heavy Copper, and High Density. We also have expertise at delivering Impedance Control, Buried & Blind Holed, and multiple layered PCBs.

In addition to our PCB fabrication capabilities, Fast Circuits also possesses PCB assembly facilities. Our assembly services in SMT and PTH capabilities are popular with overseas clients who seek a low cost, high quality and fast turnaround time PCB assembly service.