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Basic Prototype PCB Services

This basic service is ideal for prototyping small runs between 1 and 500 PCBs, which have lead times of two to three days. It includes testing and comprehensive PCB prototyping and fabricating.

Mass Quantity PCBs

We are fully capable of producing mass quantity PCBs in our PCB manufacturing lines located in China, allowing us to provide high quality printed circuit boards at competitive rates.

Multiple Layered Capabilities

We have the facilities to produce PCBs up to 24 layers with a maximum dimension of 16 inches by 26 inches. The turnaround time varies and is based upon the number of boards as well as their complexity.

About Fast Circuits Inc.

Since 2009 California-based Fast Circuits Inc. has offered to U.S. and Canadian customers premium PCB manufacturing that includes low run PCB manufacturing and Flex or Rigid PCB prototyping. Our production facilities are based in China in order to obtain for our customers premium quality and narrow tolerance PCBs at the most attractive prices.

Our fabrication facilities use the most current PCB production resources with the most modern inspection equipment. We can produce PCBs as per customer specifications between 1 and 24 layers with narrow tolerances that feature vias (hidden or blind), high frequency, aluminum made, copper thickness up to 6 oz.

Located in Sacramento, United States, Fast Circuits provides a full complement of fast turnaround PCB manufacturing and fabrication services. We are capable of providing both low run proto-type PCBs and high run production level PCBs. We encourage you to contact our sales or support staff with the specification of your PCBs as Gerber files in zip/RS274X format and we can quickly determine if we are capable of producing them. We will then be able to give you an instant PCB fabrication and/or PCB assembly quote.

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